Chug or Pughuahua – Chihuahua Pug Mix. 13 week old chihuahua X pug for sale, had all jabs done. They make excellent pets with a clear mix of sass and attitude. But, judging from the firm and robust physicality of the pug, the result will likely have a sturdy build. 2 days ago. Dewsbury, Kirklees. Flat faced dogs have tiny mouths which don’t leave a lot of room for their teeth. Color: Fawn. not bothered about age. . Chihuahua pug mix puppies for sale are very common in the United States, and so are their owners. Dad is a full... . Quick Facts. The best part about these Chihuahua pug mix puppies for sale is that they are very cute, adorable, and lovely.

thankyou. He came into rescue from a owner release due to no fault of his own. ... between 300-400 is the max i can spend. Chihuahua pug mix is a type of dog that you get when you cross a Chihuahua and a Pug. Chihuahua Pug mix appearance. 30+ days ago . Jesse is all puppy and is as sweet as they come. And pde clear pug. I have 4 girls available.

Breed: Chug . Since both parent breeds come in a range of colours, it can be difficult to predict the coat colour of the offspring. They make great companions for those who wish to have them as their own. The Pug is known to be loving, loyal, and sweet to everyone; the Chihuahua, on the other hand, is … Report. She started sneezing quite a bit, and they said she had a respiratory infection (more on that later). 5. Mom is the family pet. Jesse is a 2 year old male Chug (Pug / Chihuahua Mix).

Birthday: August 10, 2017. Gender: Male. She is a Maltese x pug cross with a fantastic temperament and playful affectionate personality. Crate Trained: Yes. Report.

They are also known as the Pughuahua, which is as fun to say as it is to own one. The Chug is considered a trustworthy dog to have around children but as with all dogs – any interactions between dogs and children should be well supervised – not only to keep the child safe but to stop the dog from being injured if mishandled.

Microchipped.fleed and wormed to date. £450 . The Pug, on the other hand, weighs 14-18 pounds … Overheating can cause stroke, so take measures to protect your Chihuahua Pug mix in extreme temperatures. Mum is black pug mix and dad is cream kc reg. A Chug is typically great fun to be around and gets on well with all the other members of the household, including pets. This puppy combines the goofy spirit of the Pug with the free-spirited attitude of the Chihuahua. As far as it is known, no individual breeder has come out to claim as the developer of the hybrid dog.

I asked if they knew anything else about her breed cause she was clearly too small to be part Boston Terrier. But first, let’s describe all the aspects you need to know about this Chihuahua Pug mix. The Pug cross Chihuahua cross is affectionately called the Chug. The bad thing with this breed is that both the pug and Chihuahua are both big time shedders so your chug will be a shedder and that is hugely important when picking a dog breed.

Our New Chihuahua Pug Mix Adoption, Bea.

• The Chihuahua weighs approximately 6 pounds and stands at a minimum of 5-7 inches.

30+ days ago. Chugs have a broad range of personalities, ranging from the cute, comic pug to the feisty Chihuahua. He would make a perfect addition to your family.

Information about Chihuahua Pug Mix Puppies For Sale.

Considering their small body with the DNA of Chihuahua, it makes easy to carry anywhere and low cost on feeding.

These kinds of pets have a lot of love and attention. The Chug is an adorable and sassy Pug x Chihuahua Mix!

As with all mix breed dogs, appearance can vary widely. any chihuahua mix or pug mix is perfect. They said chihuahua pug mix was a better guess than pug Boston. She has a life span of 10 to 15 years and has been known to take part in dog sports like agility, rally and obedience. Neutered: Yes. Origin of Chug Dog.

4... . So if you were thinking between getting a Chihuahua or a Pug, maybe this cute Chug dog is just the right fit for you. Since both breeds have that your chug will inherit that as well.

The small mixed breed known as a Chug, Pughuahua or Pugwawa is a cross between the Pug and the Chihuahua. Chug chihuahua x pug.

Chihuahua Pug Mix (Chug) The Chug is a mixed breed created by mating a Chihuahua and a pug. Physical features of chihuahua pug mix dogs • There is no way of telling how the combined gene of a chihuahua mixed with pug dog will look.