How to cite a poem in MLA. Slash punctuation ( / ) is a form of punctuation used when writing in the English language. And when quoting more than one stanza in running text, insert two slashes [//] between the stanzas. Slashes (/) are used to show options or to indicate that two words are interchangeable. Poetry is mean to move the soul and understand the world in an uncommon way, and so poetry will always have an emotional link with it. Never use a backslash ( \ ) in place of a slash.

Date published August 9, 2019 by Shona McCombes. Poetry. Bill Walsh calls the slash (or virgule) "a punctuation mark of last resort. The slash ( / ), also known as the virgule, has several uses, most of which should be avoided in formal writing.

The following points mentioned below stand proof to this fact: It is not necessary to use every comma and dash in the poem since it might break the aesthetic flow of thoughts of the poet. If I add a ~ to my sentence, do I~ change the mood or ~feeling you get from ~ reading it? lvcandy/Getty Images I am of a different mind, and as a huge fan of E.E.

Date updated: October 28, 2019. The slash (also sometimes referred to as the solidus, forward slash, slant, or virgule) is most commonly used to designate lines of poetry, paired terms, alternative names, dates, abbreviations, fractions, and URL addresses and computer directories.. It should be left in proper names and trademarks, if it's clear that that's what was intended, but in most other cases it can be replaced by a hyphen or a perfectly good English word, such as or or of or for" ( Lapsing Into a Comma, 2000).
Cummings, I have a great appreciation for experimental works, including those that question the rules of grammar by breaking those rules. How to Quote and Cite a Poem in an Essay Using MLA Format.

Thanks for sharing your opinion on the matter of grammar and poetry. Though the name of the form may appear to be a contradiction, the prose poem essentially appears as prose, but reads like poetry. Navigating the MLA Handbook can be pretty overwhelming; there are so many rules that regulate the way we can quote and cite poetry in MLA format in our own writing. Slash.
Slashes are also used to mark the end of a line of poetry in a paragraph and in other specific instances.

Using Slashes in Poetry. In the first issue of The Prose Poem: An International Journal, editor Peter Johnson explained, "Just as black humor straddles the fine line between comedy and tragedy, so the prose poem plants one foot in prose, the other in poetry, both heels resting … However, by viewing the pressure used in the poem, it is clear to see which pieces of the poem had more emotional influence from Emily. When you quote poetry, you have to properly format the quotation and direct the reader to the correct source entry in the Works Cited list.. An MLA 8 poetry citation must include the poet’s last name, either in the main text or in a parenthetical citation.

Hi Geddy. We can also read the slash as an aesthetic marker rather than a piece of punctuation. The slash, with … Slashes are also used to mark the end of a line of poetry in a paragraph and in other specific instances. That is both a very simple and a very complex question.

/What about this?/ Although Chicago discusses this explicitly, AP actually doesn’t say anything about putting spaces around slashes for quoting poetry—only that slashes can be used to denote “the ends of a line in quoted poetry.” Good enough for me!

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses The slash can also be called a virgule , forward slash , slant , oblique dash or diagonal .