pre wedding

Pre Wedding

Marriage is a life-long bonding between two couples, although, in the modern context, some different situations are found. In case of the love-marriages, the couple get time to spend some time outside and share their feelings. The latest technologies of camera and photography in the form of smartphones are available and every couple wants to capture their happy moments for memory. However, the couples in case of the arranged marriage do not get enough of this space before their wedding. So, whether the case of love marriage or arranged wedding, capturing the precious moments in a special way is the focus of the photographers, engaged in the pre-wedding photography.

Create your own pre-wedding storywith us

We in Ashirvad Creation, are an industry-experienced group of young photographers and engage ourselves in capturing the beautiful moments of the couple in a different angle for a life-long memory. The natural light and the natural moments captured with a special and effective concept makes the photographs candid. We believe in creating new trends in the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding photography and work on it after researching new concepts. Our client’s satisfaction means a lot to us and our clients show an overwhelming response to our photography works. If you are planning your wedding recently, try our works for a different story.